“Leaning”—a story from this unfinished collection about a woman who argues simultaneously with her cheating husband and her mother’s ghost—was the first story of mine accepted by Squaw Valley Writers in 2007. The writer Karen Joy Fowler read it and said, “I was so entertained that I almost didn’t mind that nothing really happened.” I could probably say the same thing about both of my marriages.

A reprisal of the story, titled “Don’t You Come Back,” and in which something might actually happen, appears in the Winter 2014 (V8) issue of Clover, A Literary Rag.

One thought on “ALL THE MEN I NEVER

  1. […] One of the prompts was “blissful.” Since my stories tend to be darker, this time I decided to just play. Below is what I wrote, reinforcing for myself what I by this time know. Even if I don’t intend to, I find that all of my stories readily fall into a few categories: a) struggles of the working class, b) stories about small-town life, and c) men, or rather, all the men I never. […]

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